HWA YUNG Technology was established in 1992, with its own brand “HYTECH“, deeply cultivated in the field of dust-free sterile rooms, specializing in dust-free (bacterial) clean equipment manufacturing, dust-free (bacterial) room-related supplies/peripheral supplies and clean room operation and maintenance . Thirty years have witnessed Taiwan’s high-tech cutting-edge industries creating economic miracles internationally, and gradually occupying a pivotal supply position in the global high-tech product supply chain.


HYTECH, who has strict self-expectation as the “behind-the-scenes of Taiwan’s new technology industry“, is committed to creating a high-level process environment and providing professional services, hoping to continue to create peaks with Taiwan’s new technology industry in the world and enhance the core value of the industry. And we will jointly undertake the green mission of environmental protection and health, leave a good earth environment for future generations, and do our best.



From front-end raw material procurement, R&D and manufacturing, quality management to back-end product sales, installation and maintenance, we provide impeccable products and services through professional division of labor to meet the diverse customized needs of the industry.





-oriented; sharing achievements

Over the past 30 years, the accumulation of technical strength and practical experience, coupled with the continuous efforts of all Hwa yong employees in the enterprise spirit of “professional, sincere, Intimate, and innovation” from beginning to end, will be able to emerge in the industry. It is honored to be recognized by top academic medical units and well-known multinational companies such as Nanya Technology, Taiwan Semiconductor, Jingpeng Industrial, Matsushita Electric, Academia Sinica, National Science Council, Cathay Pacific Hospital, etc., and integrates with Shenghui Technology, Yaxiang Engineering, Yankee Engineering, Hantang Together with other engineering companies, we have completed the construction of many high-tech and cutting-edge industries in Taiwan.


Hwayong is one of the few domestic suppliers that has a “medical device vendor license”, and its product lines qualified by professional certification (ISO9001/ISO13485/FDA/SGS) fit the industry.

We provide sales services of clean room consumables, medical/sterilization protection consumables, ESD protection products, industrial safety equipment and foreign brands such as 3M, DuPONT, BioClean, Nilfisk, KleenGuard, SAKURAI, KIMTECH under our strict quality control , Kimberly-Clark and other products agent.